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Worm castings (aka worm poo) is the richest form of organic fertilizer/soil amendment and stimulates plant growth better than any other natural product!


Benefits of Worm Castings:- Improves soil aeration - Enriches soil with micro-organisms and enzymes - Microbial activity in worm castings is higher than in the unamended or untreated soil- Improves water capacity in soil- Improves root growth and structure And MORE! Healthier plants are stronger plants that have strong immunity and resistance to pests and disease, providing you with an abundant harvest every time!


Our worm castings contain NO ANIMAL MANURES so there is no risk of e.coli or salmonella, with the additional benefit of no traces of antibiotics or hormones! Remember... A little goes a long way! Unless you are doing a large area, your biggest shovel is a cup with this stuff. Houseplants are teaspoons to tablespoons. Add a few spoonfulls to your garden sprayer and blast away!

Worm Castings

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This product is expected to ship Spring 2024. Thank you for your pre-order
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