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Need some worms for your soil? Here is the best option for bringing life back into your garden. Canadian Nightcrawlers, also known as dew worms, are great to add to your ground soil for aeration and composting. They are native to all soils around the world, live below ground and bring nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms to the the roots of your plants, all the while aerating your soils and leaving behind more nutrient rich castings. Waiting for dew worms to repopulate your soils can take some time. Often years. Give your soil a jumpstart today!

We also offer dew worms for our angling friends, prepackaged in cups of 12, or 24. Or, for our ambitious anglers, we also offer a flat of 500 Canadian Nightcrawlers. These are in case lots only. Please enjoy what you can and remember to add what you don't use back into a shady spot in the soil.


Canadian Nightcrawlers - Dew Worms

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