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       from a dream to reality...       

This all started out as good advice from an old friend and colleague over 20 years ago.  With his long remembered advice and the now ample resources available on the Internet, we were inspired and able to do the research to start small. Having an entrepreneurial spirit and wanting to teach our children to be eco conscious in our daily life choices, we decided to start up a small worm farm for our oldest son's 8th birthday.  We had our trials and our tribulations as with any start-up, but learned a number of things along the way.  We were delayed in getting back into it through several difficult life events.  However, the idea was never distant from our thoughts.


With the scarcity and rising costs of organic foods in our urban centres, and a large family, we found we were unable to provide our children with the best.  With years of vegetable gardening experience using commercial chemical fertilizers long behind us, we began growing our own organic foods using worm castings and compost.  Compared to our neighbours' commercially grown plants with chemical fertilizers, we found our gardens were out growing, and out producing by buckets and bushels anything we had grown before.  


Our greatest observation was when we started 40 tomato plants from seed.  We are, by no means, green thumbs here but we still try.  The seedlings were about 6" tall, thin and leggy.  There was no real hope for any success with them.  Despite this, all 40 seedlings were planted, with no real expectation that any would survive the one month late planting (end of June) and provide our family with a few garden fresh tomatoes.  The seedlings were planted with a couple of tablespoons of worm castings with the root balls, (no manure or other soil amendments were involved), and watered periodically with casting teas.  They ALL thrived!  By July they were already racing past our neighbour's commercial nursery bought plants.  By August we were giving away tomatoes to everyone by the bushel!  The results were profound!  And it convinced us that there is nothing better to grow organic gardens than what we have here.


A few years later, Cheri found herself discussing the benefits of vermiculture and vermicomposting with her real estate clients while searching for a hobby farm.  Her passion and excitement for worm farming was reignited!  With this realization we were off  and running again!  We now have our own grass roots family run business with a virtual store, and convenient local pick-up locations to serve our urban neighbours better throughout the whole year.   We do our best to make wiser and healthier choices for our family, and for our planet by helping others to do the same.  


We encourage you as our customer, to make small changes and choices to living a greener, healthier life, decreasing your carbon footprint, and including these choices that all add up to make a big difference.   Some of these changes can include using compost worms to help decrease organic waste in landfills and eliminate the demand for manmade fertilizers.  Through the use of worm castings and teas to grow your own organic foods, and aid in their abundant production.  With the added protection from unwanted pests, like aphids, spider mites, and even lawn grubs.


Keep checking back with us for more information and more products that help all of us together to make the difference this planet needs.


We'd like to take this moment to say thank you for making the choice and taking the steps towards a healthier organic lifestyle, and being the change you want to see for our planet.  

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