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Laundry Choices

Updated: Feb 3

No. Mobius 8 Organics is not just about worms. It's about helping people make greener choices...

It's been a while since I have written anything other than a Facebook post or comment. I've been thinking about this blog and how I could really get people to think about the things we do everyday in our lives and our households. Saving money and/or making money usually gets and keeps peoples' attention. If it benefits the planet, that's a bonus for everyone!

I always felt that it is personal responsibility as a consumer in our daily lives what will help to save the planet. However, I have found if we were to purchase the greener replacement products, they are often more expensive and unattainable for some people and their families, causing them to keep purchasing the cheaper, more harmful products out there in the markets.

Let's face it, I admit it, in some ways I am frugal. Really, really frugal. I had no choice because I had to stretch a dollar to make all ends meet with a large family and a challenged budget and work schedule due to some really extreme circumstances. If I wasn't making money, I had better be saving it everywhere I could. I have found over the years, emulating my post-war immigrant/refugee parents' ways has saved me tons of money in areas where other people are literally throwing money away and creating more waste and doing more damage to the environment. I realized by emulating my parents that there are ways of "going green" that doesn't mean buying the more expensive environmentally plastic packaged replacements.

Here is one of the products I had found and have used over the past four years...

Click on the image or here to connect to the Amazon link to purchase your own Amson Naturals Soap Nuts

(Yes, I receive a commission from Amazon for every purchase made through this link. Thank you!

If you don't shop online, you can find these and other products I list here in Health Food Stores, some major all natural retailers, and sometimes I have found them in bulk food stores. Sometimes the same brand or under brand names. EcoNuts is another brand I also choose).

FYI - I only recommend products I use myself and believe in.)

I started researching laundry alternatives that were more economical and greener choices for the planet. Sure there are lots out there that are organic, biodegradable, eco-friendly, but still are highly processed, shipped from all over, and often bottled in plastic. Or were manufactured with plastic - referring to those plastic balls that tumble around in your washer and magically loosen dirt from your fabrics. If I wanted my towels to be soft, I still had to purchase more fabric softener of some sort, in turn meaning more packaging, more processing, more waste. (Or more magical balls, but this time over packaged, over processed, sheep's wool).

I don't remember exactly how I came across Soap Berry Nuts, but I knew immediately I had a breakthrough in finding ways to save money on laundry and still be environmentally conscious!! We were spending a minimum of $30/month on laundry products alone equalling over $360+/year. NOW... I only spend approximately $40/year. That's right, for you guys in the back row... That's FORTY dollars per YEAR! Not because I do less laundry, but because I found a much cheaper, greener, more efficient choice.

Highlights of Soap Berry Nuts:

- No harsh manmade toxic chemicals

- Grown on trees (Create a demand for a product that is harvested from trees and more trees get planted)