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Medicinal Marijuana Legal to Grow by Licensed Users

Mobius 8 Organics Supports Licensed Medicinal Marijuana Growers

On August 24, 2016, yet another new law for medicinal marijuana had changed. Licensed medicinal marijuana users are again permitted to grow a limited number of medicinal marijuana plants for their own consumption. Yay!!! Great news for those licensed users! (No, we don't judge here.)

Being able to grow your own medication has many benefits to the licensed user. Some of the benefits include:

  • Convenience - medication is grown at your fingertips, (or as close to it as possible), as opposed to ordering and waiting for postal delivery or finding transportation to the not-always-so-local dispensary.

  • Affordability - It is much less expensive to grow your own than it is to buy from a dispensary. Some dispensaries have minimum purchase quantities that sometimes exceed the need. Or, quite often, exceed the budget. I am told, a plant for personal consumption, grown indoors or outdoors, can cost approximately $20-50/plant - depending on type of growing method, cost of seeds, equipment used, supplies, tools, and electricity costs. Of course, some of the expenses are reduced with the number of plants that are grown. Licensed medicinal marijuana users who are abiding by the law, who is, "someone prescribed a gram a day could grow two plants outdoors or five plants indoors to be able to supply themselves". The approximate value of the end product of one plant, depends on the skill level of the grower and the types of plants grown, but on average the yield could have a dispensary retail value of anywhere from $200-800. That is money that stays in the patients' pockets! Imagine having to pay that regularly for your medication that isn't covered by any benefit plan!!! It makes more sense to grow it yourself, for yourself.

  • Versatility - you can do with it what you like. Not all medicinal marijuana users consume it by smoking it. Many can't. However you can reap the benefits by preparing it in baked goods, candies, oils, etc. Buying from a dispensary means you are limited to what they offer. Not all dispensaries offer what licensed users need.

  • Confidence in the medication - control of how it's grown and what it is grown with. No more questioning if it was grown organically, or if toxic poisons were used in the fertilizers or for the pesticides. Were they sprayed with a harmful pesticides??? Are you consuming these chemicals in conjunction with your medication???? Is your medication actually doing you more harm than good through the chemicals that it's grown with???

They tell me it's all about those little hairs.

Mobius 8 Organics is pleased to support all of our growers with our worm castings and casting teas. Worm castings are the foundation of all organic growing. Whether your goals are to grow organically or not, worm castings is the best known fertilizer, (chemical or organic), known on this planet. Using worm castings and teas will promotes larger, healthier, more productive plants. Buds and blooms are shown to increase in size. Casting teas can be used as a instant liquid fertilizer and as a pesticide when applied as a foliar spray. And it is non-toxic, will not burn your plants, and the best part... There is no flushing period before harvesting! It's not required. You can fertilize the same day as harvesting. I'm not sure why you would want to fertilize the same day you harvest, but you can! I guess if you overspray onto your plants that you are planning to harvest that day, you know you are okay.

We didn't want to say anything until our customers started giving us feedback with their successes using our worm castings and teas. The photos and messages started coming in from everywhere!

Some of our customers were very skeptical about our castings would make a difference. The results are in... 100% of our skeptical customers are now lifetime converts!

It's important for you, the medicinal marijuana grower and user, and all growers to have this information because it doesn't make sense to grow the medication that is supposed to ease your suffering in toxic fertilizers and pesticides when we know we are able to provide you with the very best there is for your plants, for you, and your health.

If you have designated your plants to be grown by another grower, please let them know we are here to help them grow!

Until next time!!!


Mobius 8 Organics

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